Friday, April 18, 2014

Time for Spring Cleaning!

Our talented staff and shop owners are doing some spring cleaning and updating around the shoppes. Coming soon…new window displays on the Main Street side. Here is a sneak peek!

We couldn't resist showing you the window with this cute little fellow donning his bunny ears just in time for Easter!

Meanwhile, the Man Cave is getting spruced up and this comfy couch has been placed where the guys can relax while the ladies shop. There are just so many things to see, it always takes a while!

Got a little time off of work for the Holidays? Come in for a visit and see what else is new!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Plant me here!

Spring's warmer temperatures make us think of growing things. Strolling around the shoppes today, we spotted lots of pieces that would make great plant holders.
This gorgeous painted piece will hold lots of plants!
A space saving wrought iron spiral.
Fun piece with wheels!
Vintage flower cart.
A cute little park bench just the size for flowers.
Perfect for the patio

More wrought iron...
You are going to need to water all those plants!
Great for the Garden
Wouldn't this be lovely in your flower garden as a cool spot for the birdies?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fresh looks with Gold!

Inspiration Photo #1 from H&G
Lauded for its warmth and sheen, gold is a must-have metal in decor. It brings both richness and coziness to a space. Try a burnished finish for a subtle look.

Inspiration Photo #2 from
I’m really loving white and gold decor lately. There is something so chic and clean about this color combination. f
Don't you love Pinterest! It's a great place to go for decorating inspiration and we thought we might take a little tour around the Shoppes to see what we could find for this Gold and White look. Our pics are not "studio lighting" but in person, these golden goodies sparkle!
A whole wall of Golden finds!
Planters and platters….
Doesn't this look fabulous on that white wall?
Throw in a little whimsey.

Golden accents.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Spring….will it ever really arrive?

It seems if winter wants to hang around forever this year!  Spring will come and if you look around the shoppes you will see hopeful evidence that we do believe!

To get us in the mood how about a few bunnies and fresh spring colors.

Our front window on Worth Steet is sporting spring decor.
Bunny Love

Beach bunny in the Mermaid's Attic

Sweet Bunnies from Fitz and Floyd.

Adorable egg bunnies

Mr & Mrs Bunny

Wonderfully crafted Tin Bunny

More Bunny Decor

Bunny Collectables

Bunnies for your Easter Table.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A real find!

If you are looking for the real thing, this beautiful vintage genuine Persian Carpet can be found in in the upstairs gallery.

Pattern detail
Maker's Label

Looking for spring?!!!

Aren't we all! For a little bit of spring green here are some Treasure house finds that leave us dreaming of warmer weather and longer sunny days.
A beautiful Spring Green couch upstairs in the Gallery.

Gardening inspirations…its not too early to start planning!

St Patty's Day inspirations.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Closed for a Snow Day!

The Treasure House Shoppes will be closed tomorrow, Wednesday January 29th due to weather. Please stay safe and warm!