Friday, October 14, 2016

Get Creepy at The Treasure House!!

If you are looking for decorations for your Halloween Party, stop by the Treasure House and find some especially creepy deals! Here are a few items spotted yesterday in the Shoppes!

Friday, September 16, 2016


Not only does The Treasure House have great accessories for your home, we have great items for you also! Check out our booths for high end, brand name items at affordable prices. Some are new and some are gently used.

Shop for Shoes...

For purses and belts...

For jewelry...

For scarves...

For hats...


Or even for your wine bottle!

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Seeing Double!!

Sometimes the best things come in pairs! We spotted several items at The Treasure House that are twice the fun and twice the decorating power.  The first thing you might need are these two little piggies...
Save up for shopping at The Treasure House!
A pair of lovely horse heads
Fill this pair with flowers
This classic pair of end tables works with any decor
A pair of flowers for your garden that will not fade
This pair of hutches have a table that matches
More outdoor decor that would look great flanking your entryway
This couple looks well behaved
This pair look like they may be up to something!
Two huge terra cotta jugs would make statement pieces for your landscape
This pair of tables sport wheels and would be great for contemporary decor
A pair of acrobatic candle sticks are resting on this amazing stone table. 
A whole Noah's Ark of creature pairs round up our finds.
Porcelain Pups
A pair of Parrots
More pups
And finally, this pair of elephant mugs that came from the Ronald Reagan Library.
Very timely item for this election year.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Summer Decor Refresh

Here in the sunny south, Summer lasts a long time! By the end of July, we are ready for a little decor refresh. Maybe something bright to match the sweltering heat or maybe something light to cool us down. Here are a few items spotted in the shoppes this week.
Welcome to the Beach..Oh yes!
Thank Goodness!!
What style is your favorite..taste test please.
Filled with Shells for Summer
Restful vistas
Beautiful Blooms
Nothing says summer like Sunflowers
Folkart Grouping
So beachy!
Taking it slow and easy
Need to go fishing?
Whimsical Trio
Take your and white...
Or pops of color!

Friday, July 8, 2016

For the Birds!

Three little birds all in a row
Birds abound at the Treasure House! From Classic to Kitschy, Gorgeous to Comical, Tiny to ...well, in your face...If you like birds we have them! Here are a few spotted on today's tour of the shoppes.

Cute little Fabric Owls
Iron, glass and ceramic birds
 and Beautiful Birdcages...

Birds ornament Funiture
Ornament yourself or...
 your walls.

Song birds...

...more fine feathered friends in all shapes and sizes.

Sea birds...
Beach house decor

Farm birds...


And Ridiculous birds! Fly on over and take home your favorite!